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Estd.:1999,ISO Certified

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Ala Sarojinamma hailed from village of Dubbak, Dharpalli Mandal in Nizamabad District, Telangana state. She was born on May 14th, 1922, and died on May 31, 1994, at age of 72. She is the mother of Dr Ala Lakshma Reddy (founder of Pragathi Hospital, NZB) and wife of A.V. Ganga Reddy. When she was living in the village, there were no doctors or hospital facilities. She was there for many parents if any one of their children got sick, she used to give them home remedies. If something needed to be seen by doctor, she used to advise them to go to the hospital in town immediately. She raised her two children successfully and she was well honoured person in the village. She and her husband lived in the village until late-70’s and afterwards they moved to Nizamabad to live with their son. She was very happy that her son was serving community by opening Pragathi Hospital. Throughout her life she had respect and love for nursing professionals; most of her friends were Nurses. Four years after her death, Ala Sarojinamma School of Nursing was founded in 1998 under the Pragathi Hospital Trust to honour her.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES of the institution:-

To prepare nurses with adequate knowledge and skills to give efficient care for patients in hospitals and in the community.

To help the students to recognize the manifestations of illness and to give appropriate guidance to the needy.

To enable the students to promote health care and prevent illness.

To equip them with the communication skills.

To help them to develop skills in leadership.

To help them develop a spirit of understanding and co-operation with other members of health team in caring the sick, promoting health and preventing illness.

To help them in their personal and profession growth so that they are able to adjust and fit into changing environment of the society.

To help them to develop and maintain the highest possible professional and ethical standards in their practice as nurse.

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